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ونحن نرحب ترحيبا حارا لكم في الاتصال بنا من خلال الخطوط الساخنة وغيرها من وسائل الاتصال الفورية.

Ethiopia's Mining Sector: a Developmental Approach

a small scale, small or large scale mining license or his contractor may import into Ethiopia and required for mining development period in accordance with the mining agreement and the agreed work program shall be exempted from custom duties and taxes; provided, however, that the

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Comparative Mining Tax Regimes 2 *1 There are as many definitions of "economic rent" as there are economists. Generally speaking, an economic rent is a payment made by the mining .

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2297. Mining and prospecting APRIL 2014 – ISSUE 175. This article deals with the taxation of mining and prospecting companies that are tax resident in South Africa and their nontax resident shareholders. What is certain is that they are subject to taxes.


20. "Smallscale mining" means mining operations to be designated as such by the Minister in accordance with regulations to be issued for implementing this Proclamation. 3. Scope of Application This Proclamation shall apply to and govern the conduct of all of all operations and related activities within the territory of Ethiopia.

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Sep 02, 2017· Mining Regulations and Mining Income Tax in Ethiopia 2Merkato. Mar 13, 2012 Mining in Ethiopia is governed by independent legal regime. Investment and income tax proclamation does not apply to mining activities.


in Ethiopia are exempt from export tax 5. Conducive Tax Environment: • Corporate income tax (tax on profit) is 30% • Excise tax is levied (minimum 10%) on selected local or imported products • Turnover tax at 2% for priority sectors such as tractors, combine harvesting, grain mill etc. and 10% on other sectors

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Ethiopia can be considered to have an attractive tax regime for mining and petroleum operations. The government has set up a series of incentives in mining and petroleum operations which benefit from a lower rate of tax than other businesses. To be beneficiary in mining and petroleum, you shall know Ethiopian tax proclamations.

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Ethiopia mining news. Explore related Ethiopia articles for more information on the Ethiopia mining industry.

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A mining company will pay many taxes in addition to corporate income tax and while it is important to manage and balance corporate income tax, other taxes making up a company's Total Tax Contribution should also be given due attention.


The Mining laws of Ethiopia have been issued in 1993 and amended recently, in 1998 that they invite private sector investment and believed to be competitive and attractive as compared to other developing countries mining codes.

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The total royalty/mining tax is the sum of the two tiers. BC4 A new mine allowance is available. The mine must begin production in reasonable commercial quantities after December 31, .

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Ethiopian Ministry Of Revenues (MOR) is the body responsible for collecting revenue from customs duties and domestic taxes. In addition to raising revenue, the MOR is responsible to protect the society from adverse effects of smuggling. It seizes and takes legal action on the people and vehicles involved in the act of smuggling while it facilitates the legitimate movement of goods and people ...


on a twotier system. The nature of the gold mining tax formula encourages the mining of marginal gold ores. Firms that are involved in the mining of gold are subjected to a "tax tunnel", which is a tax free revenue portion. This is against the equity principle of taxation because it separates companies on the basis of what they

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Ethiopia Mining Sector and Business Prospects KE September, 2016 Ethiopia Mining Sector and Business Prospects Introduction Ethiopia, with a population of roughly 95 million, is the second most populous country in subSaharan Africa, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Ethiopia .


Mining • Ethiopia has a wide variety of untapped mineral resources and offers opportunities in upstream and downstream operations. • Ethiopia is the only producer of opal in Africa, major gold exporter, and emerging country for oil and natural gas exploration.

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Sep 13, 2017· Ethiopia, Africa's fastestgrowing economy over the past decade, plans to double the contribution of mining exports to gross domestic product to .

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Article for a tax year (referred to as the "current tax year"), but who was not a resident individual for the preceding tax year shall be treated as a resident individual in the current tax year only for the period commencing on the day on which the individual was first present in Ethiopia.

Taxes and Tax Reform in Ethiopia, Alemayehu

tax; rental income tax; taxes on business and other profits; tax on income form mining activities; capital gains tax, and taxes on other sources of income such as chance wining (which carries a tax rate of 15 per cent), royalties (with a tax rate of 5 per cent) and tax on nonresident persons offering services in Ethiopia (which carries a tax rate of 10 per cent) (see Appendix Table 1 for details).