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Shrinkage stoping is a mining method used for steeply dipping, narrower ore bodies with self supporting walls and ore. It is an overhand mining method that relies on broken ore being left in the stope to be used as the "working floor" and to support the walls.

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At SS, T, and T are shown higher than normal cutandfill stoping costs. T and T represent mines where the stringersetandfill method, using large quantities of timber, is employed under very heavy hangingwall conditions that require cautious mining.

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Mining Method Selection Common Methods • Block Cave • Sublevel cave • Openstoping • Sublevel openstoping • Cut and fill • Drift and fill • Shrinkage • Bordandpillar • Step bordandpillar • Narrow flat tabular Design Considerations • Ore body geometry • Rock Mass properties • .

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Sublevel stoping..Underground mining methods 1. Hassan Z. Harraz hharraz2006 2014 2015 This material is intended for use in lectures, presentations and as handouts to students, and is provided in Power point format so as to allow customization for the .

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Current longwall mining method applied in the mine The current method used in the abovementioned mines is a sublevel longwall cavingretreat method. In this method, the face is formed perpendicular to the seam strike and implemented in the form of slices m thick from the top downwards (Figure 1). Because the geotechnical properties

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The authors compare the performance of the algorithm with the floating stope algorithm and obtain better solutions. However, this algorithm is limited only for implementations to small mineralised ore bodies and sublevel stoping mining method.

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* Induction as Preprocessing Use one induction algorithm to select attributes for another induction algorithm Can be a decisiontree method for rule induction, or vice versa Accuracy results are not as good as expected Reason: feature selection normally causes information loss .

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The method may be used for ore mining in shrinkage stopes, for rising, and for underground construction projects where excavations of considerable vertical height may be needed, like ore and waste bins, crusher rooms, penstocks and tailrace tunnels. ... and the level of the broken material in the excavation. This is attained by drawing the ...

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Sublevel caving mining method newtrax technologies inc. Sublevel caving sublevel caving is one of many different methods for underground hard rock mining it is a large scale mining method suitable for large ore bodies with a steep dip and a rock mass with a host rock in the hanging wall will fracture under controlled conditions.

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Mechanized mining expenditures are in the region of 40% less than nonmechanized conventional mining techniques. The mainstream of ore created at the Stillwater Mine is resultant from mechanized access ramp and fill mining. Other mechanized mining techniques also used are sublevel stopping.

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Define stoping. stoping synonyms, stoping pronunciation, stoping translation, English dictionary definition of stoping. n. An excavation in the form of steps made by the mining of ore from steeply inclined or vertical veins. stoped, stop·ing, stopes To remove from or...

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Oct 23, 2011 · Largescale sublevel caving, developed in Malmberget, is the predominant mining method. Mining techniques Powerpoint Presentation Mining techniques PowerPoint presentation Download Fully Editable and beautifully designed Royalty Free PPT Presentation Backgrounds.

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Mining ppt 2014 1. Presented by : Ajoy Saikia Department of Earth Environmental Science KSKV KACHCHH 2. Mining is the process of extracting minerals like gold, silver, copper, nickel and uranium (metallic) and salt, potash, coal and oil (nonmetallic) formations that concentrate naturally in the earth. 3.

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Keywords: Mining method, underground mining, roomandpillar mining, sublevel stoping, cutandfill, longwall mining, sublevel caving, block caving, backfill, support, ... bottom level to collect and drain water from underground after removing suspended solids. 5. Maintenance and repair of equipment: underground workshops and warehouses.

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East and New to the South. Mining methods include a "Core and Shell" type, where uphole benching and sub level open stoping is utilised until a mass firing recovers remaining pillars with dry rock fill Introduced. The Situation At the culmination of the stoping sequence St Barbara

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a level (compare raise). MINING METHODS Introduction Once an ore body has been probed and outlined and sufficient information has been collected to warrant further analysis, the important process of selecting the most appropriate method or ... Underground Mining Methods and .

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subsurface mining types subsurface mining by jose saade on Prezi. types of subsurface mining The 3 main types of subsurface mining are quarrying, solution mining, and long wall mining.

sub level stopping mining method ppt

sub level stopping mining method ppt. CS Cone Crusher . HPC Cone Crusher . Mining methods Mining methods for s teeply dipping and Largescale sublevel pillar cap pillar of 5 m openings fan haulage level 200 fan mined out stop level 144 . Get price.

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Shrinkage mining was a common stoping method prior to mechanised mining and the introduction of hydraulic fill. Sublevel stoping, cut and fill mining and sublevel caving have generally replaced shrinkage mining in Australia, Europe and Canada. The method is still used in a handful of nonmechanised mines in South America, Africa, Asia and Canada.